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In English: How many wheels does a tricycle have ?

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A few more weeks
Expansys is taking pre-orders for the Samsung Q1 UMPC - the price for Belgium seems to add to 1,184.95.
The eo UMPC v7110 is scheduled to ship in the last week of April for $999

I tend to opt for the Q1 because of its onboard VGA-out and Ethernet, but we'll see if some more devices will appear in the next few weeks.
I have to admit the Q1 won't win any design prices and battery life will be disappointing, but heck ... These kind of devices will take a few years to mature, but in the meantime the Q1 will do.

A few more weeks, not only for the Q1, but also for the "prison break" finale. Man - that show is really awesome. I watched the first 16 episodes almost non-stop, but now I'm stuck ... the show airs on Monday, so I know allready how my Tuesday breakfast will taste the next 4 weeks :-)
episode 16 was available on the net a few days BEFORE it was aired! But I don't think to finale will be leaked this way, especially because season 2 is allready in production. (Season 2 will follow the "Man Hunt" after the break-out)