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Conversational dreams
Last night a dream woke me up because it was talking directly to me. Like when you are watching a movie and suddenly the main character turns around, eyes directly in the camera and speaks to you. Very out of place.
It was an asian woman, dressed in black, and she was stacking wooden shelves, keeping them appart by placing green apples between them.
Suddenly she stops and says to me

"You should write code like a conversation."

Hmmm ... so now what. Clearly this was meant as a direct message to me ...
Maybe I should investigate my coding skills? Maybe I should get to know more asian woman because they say profound things?
Maybe I should stop eating green apples?

Most peculiar.
Maybe I should ask that codinghoror guy what's his approach to writing code as a coversation.

Or maybe I was handed the key to world salvation because if conversations would be more like code then most world problems would be solvable by some basic debugging skills: flaws in the logic would become painfully clear, vague or ambiguous statements would not be usable untill they were properly defined and clarified.
Writing code as a conversation could improve communication drastically.

I'll digest a green apple to that !
Thanks asian stranger!
Only next time, watch your timing: 4AM really isn't my favorite time to wake up.