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Pitches and speeches

Wauw - What a great speech that was - the Obama victory speech.
You can rewatch it here and reread it here.
Although he's probably not written it himself, clearly Obama has a way with words and a gift to inspire people with his ideas.
That's a gift, and something the world can use, an inspiring leader, and probably one of the main reasons he won.

It's not a gift that I have :-)
"I'm a developer - I don't do pitches (very well)" I tweeted some time ago at FOWA, when I was picked as 1 of the 3 winners for the Adobe AIR competition that had to present their idea to a expert-panel and to the public.
The video recording of those presentations are now online.
A bit shocking to see yourselves one stage - especially with such a cruel English accent - but well - it was fun :-)
The video is here.
Steffest FOWA Video
My app-idea came accross a bit incomprehensible I'm afraid. I just wanted to cram everything in that one minute. (Big mistake BTW)
It was an idea I woke up with that morning and turned it in a few minutes before deadline, but actually it was just a variation on the little ideas I build for myself all the time: bridging the gap between your PC and the world around you, allowing you to have a two way interaction between your PC and its environment.
That's also why I like the Tikitag project that much: it's another method of interaction to add to the chain: moving RFID-tagged objects around the place to trigger actions on your PC (thus linking a physical object to the web)
Voice recognition, X10 control, webcam controls ... all methods of interaction with the real world around you, thus enriching your experience.

The Relocally thing - As I dubbed it - is another example: what if you could enrich the way you access your online social network by allowing trusted accounts a controlled access to your PC to trigger some event.
Like when you send a tweet with a link to a music file, and that file would be played instantly on the PC's of your connected contacts.
Or what if you (or someone else your trust) could control your (PC based) video recorder - or your lights - or your ... whatever ... by tracking messages from Twitter, facebook, Netlog ...
For example it could listen for colours and adjust the lighting accordingly (probably more suited for public places that what to give the audience some form of interaction)
The though behind this is always the same: make sure all devices are connected to the web in one way or another and are able to receive input from the web, and you'll have a whoppingly cool system that brings the web in your home without being tied to a computer all the time.
Relocally would then enable your remote friends to interact with your environmental experience - and if that would enrich your experience ... why not ?

And then that Richard Moross guy spoiled the moment a bit by asking how I would monetize the app ...
Excuse me ? Monetize it? No thank you, why would you want to monetize on an idea that's about social experience ?

Anyway - probably AIR is not the right platform to build it on because it still has very limited access to the host (e.g. it can't spawn new processes) and probably this idea will end up in one of my homebrewn domotica/automation setups, but still ...
To borrow some Obama words:
    So let us summon a new spirit
    This is our time:
  Can we build it?     YES WE CAN !
Yes We Can