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MARVELOUS! - 08/06/2008 01:49:13 http://MARVELOUS!

That kind of work makes me happy.
That kind of work makes me happy. - 09/06/2008 23:56:29 http://That kind of work makes me happy.

prostate massage couples
prostate massage couples - 02/07/2008 19:29:53 http://prostate massage couples

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Second Life issues
Massive security breach in Second Life.
As a result they have reset over 650.000 account passwords.

Man, that's a developers nightmare! I hope they have deployed an extra army of support personel ...

They call it "a zero-day exploit of third party web-software"
If it was a zero-day exploit, why took it 5 days to discover and fix the problem?
Web based exploits are nearly impossible to predict, but once known, they should be fixed in a few hours. Especially in huge online environments like Second Life.