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4 levels of trains
This morning, my train to Antwerp suddenly went underground.
Hey! It't the first time the new train-tunnel underneath Antwerp is in use.
I arrived at level -2 and had to catch a connection at +1. Impressive, expecially because the entire middle section is open so you can see all the 4 level + the glass/steel roof construction from 1905.
Is there any other place in the world where you can see 4 levels of trains ABOVE one another?
(Offcourse if the guys at Dubai see this ... they're going to build a 10 floor subway station - ranging from 2 tracks under water and 1 track at a 1000 feet in the air ...)

April 5 2007 - A little addition:
it appears that Telenet also upgraded their wireless hotspot coverage to the new levels.
At level -2 I got a whopping full 20 Mbit download speed. I have never seen a wireless connection that fast!
Heck - thats even a bit faster then my cable connection at home !!!