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E-textile LED matrix - part 1

I finished the first segment of the tweetshirt 2.0 today.

It's a 8x8 matrix of superflux RGB leds stitched to a piece of textile.
Darn! It took me me 4 evenings to sew the 64 leds on the cloth with conductive thread I got from

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This is the backside - 256 connection points.
The worst part is that the thread frays like mad so you really have to be very careful with the amount of stitches you can make.

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This is the front side

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It's hyperflexible and very wearable, allthough I'll have to add some insulating layers to keep the thread from short-circuiting (which is harmless with such low voltages and leds)

Next step is to figure out a decent way to hook it up to the Arduino. I could use a Lilypad of course, which is designed for these things, but I want to keep it more modular and simple.
The goal is to have more then one of these patches connected  together to form a bigger display, so I have to figure out some protocol to control multiple matrixes with 1 controller.
Probably I'll attach a shiftregister to each matrix and connect those to the arduino.
It would be really cool if I could manage to make each matrix a bit standalone so I could just chain the next patch with 4 metal push-buttons ... well, that may be one bridge too far - we'll see.