Steffest Digitale Pulptuur

Awesome !
Tot morgen op Barcamp !
Raf - 23/03/2012 10:30:55 http://@ringlord

This is the most impressive Arduino project I've ever seen!
greenoakst - 20/08/2012 14:26:08

Cool project, first I have to finish my own project (building 2 floor standing speakers) and afterwards I want to use it to automate the home cinema setup.
Steven - 23/10/2012 17:06:31

gaaf man! IK wou dat ik zoiets kon maken.
Ik ben zelf op zoek naar een software die een servo kan besturen op kleurwaarden. Dit is voor een project met kralen sorteersysteem dat 6 kleuren vrij kan geven om een pixelart te maken. Weet je iets van?
Bij voorbad dank.
Claudio - 19/11/2012 20:38:29

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My Little DrummerBot

Yay! finally took the time to finish a little Arduino project.
It's a another bot, more specific: a web controlled drummerbot!

Yes yes, the same old trick: web interfaces to physical objects: Me LUVS them.
Give me an Arduino and a browser and I'll build you your rainbow

Hey, I feel a song comming up!


Tap the drum pattern on your phone and this little bot will rock it!


You control it like most drum computers: you draw the beats on a pattern of sixteen dots, perfectly suited for generic 4/4 rhythms.
There a 8 lines, each controlling 1 servo motor.

Most of the servo's have a percussion item both on the left and the right, that's why the pattern buttons have 3 states: off, left, right.
 That makes 14 distinct percussion sounds for the drummerbot.

The pattern in the webbrowser is packed into a string, which get send to the Arduino via HTTP.
You can use a wifi module and a http server on the Arduino, or you can use another device attached to the Arduino through a comm port.
The Arduino receives the string, unpacks it back to a pattern and simple loops over the steps controlling each servo.


the "DrummerBot Step Seqeuncer V 0.01 very-much-alpha" page is here

You can also download the Arduino code here.

I must admit: the drums sound a bit dry without amplification though.
I recorded everything into Ableton Live and did the final mix there. (Shocking, right? The videoclip is actually NOT a live performance :-) )

I'm specifically fond of the "Horns"
They are 2 little fans with a servo pushing a piece of plastic against the blades.
A hell of a noise but when you add heaps of fuzz, chorus and overdrive effects they are pretty convincing.
I call them F*CK-YEAH-HORNS

If you want to jam along yourself: hop over this saturday to Barcamp Antwerpen, where I'll be giving a presentation with/about the bot.

Let's play!