Steffest Digitale Pulptuur
Except for the project, all these programs are made for my onw personal use, so it's probalby NOT suited for you:
They are manufactured for my needs and little effort had been made to ensure the applications run on any given system. Most are still in beta (and probably always will) and there's no support whatsoever.
Execptions are some full scale programs like the suite and the Boulderdah Game.
All applications are written in Delphi.

Description is a complete e-learning solution for schools and educational institutions.
It's a hybrid online/offline application
The offline part is a windows application build around the MS browser control.
It manages all the learning packages and results and handles the comminication with the online sister-webappliaction.

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  • A nice example off a hybrid onine-offline application with some clever use of a custom browser control.
  • Integrated ftp and http client for transparant communication and file downloads (and uploads)
  • Integrated packaging (zip files)
  • Includes a webgrabber to copy webcontent or websites to the local hardrive.
  • On the fly language/interface switching
  • fully skinnable


Delphi 5


An MP3 organiser.
Nowodays it's crawling mith MP3 organisers, but when I started MP3base it was a fairly new concept. And I still like this one the best. Especially because it's the only MP3 organiser that I know of that can be used without a screen !
I use MP3 base on a small media-PC in my living room that's hooked up on the TV.
Offcourse it's silly to turn on the tv evry time you want to play some music, so MP3base has an audio-feedback mechanism that enables you to control it with your ears (and using a keybourd or an mouse / X10 remote control)
You have to hear it! it's pretty cool !


  • Complete MP3 organiser with search functions - random DJ
  • Auto updates the database using information from ID3 tags, filenames and directories.
  • Timer en sleeper functions
  • Can be controled using X10 commands or can it send X10 commands.
    This is really very powerful: X10 is a protocol that can sends commands to other electronic devices
    so you can setup MP3 base to dim te lights an music at 11 PM and to slowly fade in the music and the lights at 8 AM, while it also activates the coffee-machine :-) VERY cool.
    (offcourse you need some X10 hardware for this)
  • Integrated lyric module
  • manages playlists and "mood" lists
  • integrates seamlessly with Winamp (It's also availlable as Generic Winamp plugin)
  • can be controlled using a remote control like a mouse-remote or an X10 remote.


Delphi 7


It's completely written to integrate with my setup and my way of living, so probably it won't work for you.
Also it's kind of buggy :-)
Also the setup with the audio-feedback and the X10 commands is a bit too complicated: it works but only if you have all devices lined up correctly and have all configurations in line. (And keep tracj of your remote controller :-) )

Fot this reason: there is no download link at the moment.