Steffest Digitale Pulptuur

Desire FM

I participated in another Commodore Amiga demo, released at the "Gerp" demoparty this weekend.

Happy to say it took 1st place in the Amiga 40k compo.

I provided some graphics (logos, sprites) and some overall design.

All credits to GigaBates, though ... quite amazing what he manages to squeeze out of a humble Amiga 500 (and squeeze in only 40 kb!)
And mA2E provided an excellent groovy chiptune for the demo.
Well done, team! 🙂

Actually: most of the graphics I made got scrapped due to size constraints, but this means I already have some material for future releases.

So: On to the next one!

Downloads on if you want ot run it yourself on your Amiga.
Assembly source at
(oh man ... that code ... 🤯 💥 )

And also: probably the only time in my life I have 2 productions on the "monthly top 10" on Pouet.
Not too bad! :-)

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