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Virtual Vega

a picture called vega_detail.jpg (click to enlarge) a perfect combination:
On the 3th of august, Suzanne Vega will perform live in Second Life !!!
Really really cool !!!!
Just an example of the power of Second Life.
I'm telling you: things like this wil get more and more common: Virtual worlds will get richer and richer: Meetings will be held there, E-learning courses will be deployed, games will played, inventions will be caressed ...

It won't be long before the big media-companies will jump on this: allready there are people streaming their live TV-signal into Second Life, using a slingbox or wathever ...
I watched the Prison Break finale in Second Life with a friend, in real time !!!
the USA cable-companies will get nuts over this ... Geef je reactie (0)