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Steffest predictions

OK, I'm going to write down some predictions I'm doing here, with the sole purpose of saying I told you so when they all come true. I'll try to keep track of them to mark them when they expire.

- number one: Dumbledore is not dead. OK, this is a bit of a no-brainer: offcourse he's not dead ... Anybody that thinks otherwise has te reread all the Harry Potter books.
on the same suspect:
- Snape is one of the good guys
- Voldemort turns out to be a blood relative of Harry.

then some Apple stuff:
- in january 2008, a few weeks after thousands of people have bought a first gen iPhone, Steve Jobs announces a new iPhone. it has 3G, 16 gig, MMS and video recording.
Still no 3th party software though ...
- at some point in the future, Steve Jobs anounces an iPhone game that overlays 3D objects on the camera view, tracking camera movements to point and shoot in an interactive camera game. He will call this a breakthrough in mobile gaming, un-be-lievable, amazing, the world first true interactie real-life game. And the world will believe him, marvelling how innovative and game-changing this is.
Offcourse, it will be a clone of the brilliant Agent V game that Nokia did in 2004 with the Nokia 3230, but that will be long forgotten then.

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