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Clever tricks keep popping up

a picture called idesktoptv-screen.jpg (click to enlarge) 2 wauw application today.
Finally Google succeeds again in amazing me!
Today they launched version 2 of their mobile "Google maps" with a "My location" option.
It uses some info on the cellular tower you're connected with to pinpoint your location on a map. and


This is simply amazing. It works extremely well.
Offcourse not as accurate as GPS, but still very usable.
Now I want that geo-info embedded in every picture I take with my mobile phone. Why isn't that allready happening? (Or should I wait for the Gphone for that ?)

The second Wauw today came from IdesktopTV. a Very nice way to search and watch youtube video.
Actually it allready implements much of the functionality I had in mind for my YADDFA project. (but luckily I have still several more ideas for YADDFA-improvements)
(AND I discovered another Paul Yanez mashup I had missed: Digg/Youtube - particularly interesting because you can retrieve the playlists of a certain user)

Sigh ... if only a day had 144 hours ...
(which suddenly makes me wonder: probably there's a planet in the galaxy that has just that :-) ) Geef je reactie (1)