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Emerald Mines

a picture called emeraldweb_logo.gif (click to enlarge) Funny how your old addictions keep popping up once in a while.
I'm completely hooked again on the game Emerald Mines, and Boulderdash clones in general.
I wrote a Boulderdash clone 10 years ago, and recently I started a flash based incarnation.
This triggered several things: digging out the huge pile of Amiga Emerald Mines disks (about 600 of them) and find a common ground between several Boulderdash-developers for a common Level file format.
Both things got a litle bigger then I planned :-)

Yep, I started a new website:

and the common file format thing turned into a complex extention of the existing Boulderdash Common File Format.

My flash based emerald mine player comes along nicely too ... (AND it's open source) Phew !!!! Geef je reactie (0)