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SL stands for Sling, not Second Life

a picture called slingbox.jpg (click to enlarge) Today I decided to put a hold on my Second Life for some time.
The Linden-dollar exchange rate was at a very low L$275 / US$1.00 , so it was the perfect time to cash out :-)
With a part of my earnings I bought a Slingbox from Ebay.
Yey! I have had my eyes on this device for over a year now.
A few months ago Slingmedia finally made the jump to europe with a PAL version.
Not sold in Belgium yet, so it has to come from Ireland.
This will work insanely great with my Q1 UMPC!
I hope they will soon update there Windows Mobile player to make it compatible with the PAL version so I can watch live wireless TV on my PocketPC. Geef je reactie (0)