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a picture called dopod838pro.jpg (click to enlarge) I switched from a Nokie E70 to a Dopod 838pro this week.
Whoohoo! this is über-mobile-gadgery !
Amazing little device. It's not quit as easy to use as he nokia, but on the other hand, maybe thats because it has 5 times as much features and things to explore ... (and the dopod isn't a phone: it's a pocket PC with a mobile phone integrated)
Windows mobile is still a bit buggy, but so is symbian S60.
Offcourse the main plus point is the amount of software available for windows mobile, which is weird ... Symbian S60 is for more used on mobile phones, but somehow, it doesn't has the developers following that windows mobile has ...

One weird thing though .. I'm a huge advocate of touchscreens, but somehow, I find myself using the hardware buttons to navigate most of the time instead of the touchscreen ... maybe because a touchscreen is not so easy to use with one hand, and most of the time, you use the device on the go, one handed, while walking of waiting in line or whatever.
I think that's going to be the biggest drawback of the Apple phone: since that only has 1 hardware button, you must use the touchscreen, and really, in most cases it's just easier and faster to use a hardware button.(these "stupid tiny plastic keyboards" as Steve jobs calls them, still beat the crap out of any touchscreen-keyboard, as any mobile typer will tell you)

Here's a list of must have windows mobile software, all han-cherry-picked by yours truly.
  • Pocket player
    Windows Media player is good, but Pocket player is far better ...
    Very good library, fully usable with only the hardware buttons (unlike every other music player I tried, and I think I've tried them all)

  • Core player
    Simply the best video player for mobile devices ... by far.
    Plays anything you throw at it.

  • SPB Pocket Plus
    Enhancements for the today screen and internet explorer, clever battery indicator, ...
    things that should be present in windows mobile, but for some reason aren't.

  • SPB Mobile shell
    gorgeous eye candy for activate-screens, today plugin, photodialer ...

  • Hubdog
    Very good RSS reader and podcast player. (and its free)
    I don't know what Dave Winer is talking about with his "ultimate podcast player"
    It's allready here and it's a pocket PC with Hubdog: over-the-air syncing, enclosure support, both downloading and streaming, smart podcast managing, online feed management, OPML support, ...

  • Sling mobile player
    Watch your Cable TV, or any video device, on your mobile phone.
    You have to see this to believe it: works very good, even on a Cellular UMTS connection.
    (Offcourse you have to get yourself a slingbox sitting at home, connected to your TV-Cable)
    The next time you're in a foreign country, just grab your mobile and whatch your home-tv ...
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