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Hmmm twitter is addictive

OK, I have to admit: this twitter thing is addictive!
I really hope this service survives the hype.
I had great fun follwing the iPhone inline waiters today - they are hilarious!

Update: The ever insightfull Duncan Riley of TechCrunch thinks this is a seed of a revolution: Live event streaming.
And I think he's right - that was what I liked about it so much: it was an unfiltered first-person experience - uncoloured by mainstream media reports or by gushing fanreports on Engadget or Gizmodo. And like Scoble points out: getting the iPhone wasn't really the reason to wait inline - it's all the interesting people you meet there, the athmosphere and the networking that you do there (and ofcourse - it's priceless PR) Geef je reactie (1)