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Photoshop Elements 6

a picture called PSE6-organizer.jpg (click to enlarge) Yesterday I tried the new Photoshop Elements 6.
For several years Photoshop Elements Organiser is my favourite Picture Management Program.
The "Editor" and the "Share" parts of it are not bad and not really good either, but the Organiser really is excellent.
Much of that is because it uses a clearly structured Access database in the backend, which made it a breeze to develop an online Picture Album/Archive that interfaces directly with Photoshop Elements: Change some tags/properties/appearance in Photoshop Elements, and in real time you online Picture Album is updated.

The first impression of the PSE6 interface is a shock: its dark and "clean" - which is not a compliment: the versions - especially 4 - had a really smooth and polished UI - much like photoshop. Now it looks more like Adobe Lightroom, but without the polish and mithout the smoothness.
Hmm - well, at least its clean and functional ...

The organiser part is mostly left the same - which is good.
The best addition is that the "put your picture on a map" function now actually works for people outside the US.
While in version 5 only a US map was available - now Adobe has partnered with Yahoo and uses it's world map services to display the map.
After pinpointing the correct location, the GPS coordinates are stored in the EXIF data, so you can stil load you picures into Google earth or whatever geo-service you like.
Surprisingly enough, the map export function from Photoshop Elements is execellent!
It prerenders your pictures in all kinds of scales and ties it all together on the Yahoo flash based scrollable and zoomable world map.
it's actually very smart: when you zoom out, groups of pinpoints that are located next to one other get combined so you don't end up with several impossible-to-click pinpoints stacked on top of each other.

Actually, it's the best flash based world-map-picture-viewer I have ever seen!
One of these days I will have to decompile it and see if I can integrate it in some of my projects.

All in all, it's probably the most value you'll ever find for your 84 euro's! (or at least some piece of mind that your version is legit, which for 84 euro's is also a bargain) Geef je reactie (0)