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The Future of Web Apps

I'll be attending the "Future of Web Apps" conference in London later this week.
The list of speakers is pretty impressive and I'm sure I'll get a superboost out of it.

I learned only recently for sure that I could go so I had to book travel and accommodations fairly late.

The last minute Eurostar train fares are really ridiculous: I refuse to pay 150+ euros for a single 2 hour train trip.
There was a not-too-expensive flight from Antwerp to London early Thursday morning which was perfect, but a flight back late Friday night is non existent.
Damn you airport neighbours that have put a stop to nightflights ! (just kidding - they deserve to sleep like anyone else ...)

After some digging I settled for a weird return trip: I'll take the ferry Friday night to Hoek van Holland - a 7 hour bed-and-breakfast boat trip, and hop on the train from there. (Man, those ferries are cheap !)
Off course they are slow too and it's a big D-tour, but spending Friday night on a ferry boat should be fun as well ;-)

Looking forward to it: traveling always gives me a sense I'm doing some meaningful with my life, like pursuing new insights or explore a mysterious terra incognita.
One thing I know: I'm traveling ultra-lightweight and there will be wifi at the venue and in the hotel. (and for the rest, i'll bring enough movies and tv-shows to last 3 days)

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