Steffest Digitale Pulptuur

And the winner is ... Twoddler !

I didn't win any prizes today at the Inca award ceremony, but that's OK: the 10 finalists are all very fine projects and totally deserve the spotlight.
After much suspense in the final moments, the winner turned out to be Twoddler : an series of Arduino powered twittering Fisher Price toys to keep track of and communicate with your toddlers.
Of course, the combination of Twitter and Arduino is a proven recepy for succes :-)

My personal favorite, Hupskadee, won Silver, as did startcomputer, Tableau and Ikkanhet

Congratulations to all!

I'm very sure my own projects will incarnate in another form one day: the game engine behind Inca - the game will find a place as online emerald mine engine, to play the gazzilion of levels made in the 80's and early 90's at
The technology behind Lopend Vuur has found it's place in a bigger backend framework and turned out to be commercially interesting. will stay at I'm sure this idea will get picked up sooner or later.

The inca-ceremony was hosted at the iminds event.
iminds was OK, but I kind of expected a bit more: it felt a bit like one giant IBBT commercial - which is understandable and perfectly fine as they organised (and paid for) everything. The interaction with the enterpreneur-centered  audience and the (sometimes) politic speakers was euhm ... interesting by moments :-)
Anyway, it was nice to meet new and old contacts, saw lots of  interesting projects and .... got inspired.

Kudos again to the Inca-team for a very wonderful initiative.
I hope they come up with a second run in some form in the future.

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