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Yesterday I launched a lttle service:
It's about RSS and about Twitter and about mixing several social medai networks together.
Basically it's a system that keeps track of an RSS feed and processes any new items that appear.
For example: if you post a video on youtube, this will end up in your youtube RSS feed, it gets picked up by tweetfeeder that decides what to with it, like posting it to your blog for example.
So you upload a video to Youtube, and it will appear on your blog automatically.
These days RSS, and XML in general, is the data-glue that ties about any data-driven website together and it's become the standard for moving data between sites or services.
Tweetfeeder tries to be different by adding some spice: it adds a processing layer to the mix so that every item can be slightly altered. For example:
  • when posting to twitter, images and html will be stripped because twitter doesn't display that
  • commercial messages can be stripped
  • you can define some special chars like: "when a tweet starts with *, post it to my blog" or "when a flickr image contains the tag "granny", send it by email to grandma"
  • and endless other variations

The twitterstream on the left is an example of that also.
At the moment feedtweeter focuses on getting messages from Plurk to Twitter: You write something in Plurk and it also appears in Twitter.
It's in closed beta for the moment, so if you want an invite: send me a tweet (And follow me on twitter so I can send you your login by direct message, offcourse you can unfollow me after that)
it's based on this code I put together 2 days ago, allthough its heavely modified and optimised (and ported to .net)
I spend 1 evening building the website (graphics and HTML) and 1 night doing the code (user accounts, feed management, message queue management)
It has launched yesterday, has currently about 40 users and has processed 1100 messages.
Now ... if only Plurk and Twitter would stay up and running, as both platforms have had hickups today ... *sigh*

Rrradiogirrrl posted a nice little review.
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