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Somehow - I got myself an instance of the contaxtuad adware piece of sh*t on my system, rendering my internet explorer useless (long live firefox!)
It took me 2 hours to get rid of the thing, but I still won't install any anti-spyware or anti-virus apps on my pc: in a broad view, these things slow me down much more than a few hours a year ...

Funny thing: I got the malware around the same time i installed the latest beta of IE7.
IE7 didn't last long: it made websites think my screen was about 200 pixels wider than it is, so every site had a vertical scrollbar - very annoying.
Also: I switched my opinion on that Cleartype thing: it sucks: it makes certain paragraphs unreadable by sticking words together and it makes the alignments shift when i make textselections.
Come on Microsoft ... get real!

Dave winer continues to point me in the right directions: He's giving phil jones some link-love. - Great blog

OK, I tried.
I gave it my best shot, but sorry folks ... I still don't think Little Britain is funny. Geef je reactie (0)