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Finally a word towards my first online life :-)

If you are wondering where I'm wandering these days: come and meet me at second life!
I've been active for about a year now in Second Life, but things are really shifting into 5th gear.
I teamed-up with the lovely Miss Tanith Newt to do some virtual photography.
Great stuff! check her out at or come and find us in Second life.

Lots and lots and lots is allready being said about that platform, but it still isn't enough: this world is truely and deeply amazing! I honestly am in awe over the creativity and "realness" being unleashed by the residents.
This world has almost no rules, and almost no consequences of ones actions, so you would expect this to turn sour very fast and very bad, but think again ... resisdents are finding a admirible balance between freedom to do what you want, and self regulation. With minimal top-down interference, this is one fine example of how thousands of people automatically form a social network that keeps itself floating: lazy people are getting bored and leave after a few days, the most annoying people get banned and find an island for themselves to do their thing ... Content creators keep their intellectual property and make some money ...

Brilliant !!!!

@17.54: I just missed my train home ... Luckely there's a Wireles network signal flaoting in the air in this tiny trainstation :-) I'm typing this on my new(ish) samsung Q1 UMPC , on my also newish Thinkoutside foldable bluetooth keyboard.
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