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Geotagging solutions

Ok, after a weekend trip to Germany, it's foto cataloging-time again.
And it would be cool to attach the geographical location to the pictures, often called Geotagging or Geocoding.
While searching for a good solution its seems almost inevitable nowadays to bump into google ...
Yep .. google earth (in fact nothing to do with the google guys, they just bought out Keyhole) still rules!

The keypart is a neath free utility called panorado flyer.
it integrates into the windows shell and grabs the geo-location form Google earth and/or displays your pictures geographically on Google earth or google maps

it works very fast and offcourse using google earth is a joy!

Another cool free utulity is IExif from opanda. a very complete EXIF viewer, intergrates with Internet Explorer and places you pictures on google maps if they contain a GPS location.

a Final note: Flick is evil ...
When you download images from their site (even your own images) the EXIF information is stripped from the image.
Is this also the case in the paid accounts?
(I won't find out myself because I certainly won't get a paid account)
Why would you spend time and energy tagging your pictures if you can't get that data out of the system again ? Geef je reactie (0)