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Dodentocht 2007

My third Dodentocht, blogged live using 2 mobile phones and an extra battery
I collected my starting badge and I'm eating a spaghetti.
I'm off to the start. A long wait, but everybody wants to get a good starting position. We're all sitting or lying down.

And the first thing we get is an invitation for next-years edition: 08-08-08. lots of people here allready. i'm participating in a testcase of the next generation scanning techniques: I have a chip attached to my shoe that gets automatically scanned at each post. If this goes well there will be no more manual barcode scanning next year.
Everybody is on their feet. The side-animation is fully in action. It's going to be a cold but dry night.
(This video was filmed by Steffest on the move with a Nokia 5300 phone)
And we're off!
Lot's of pushing, everybody eager to start.
Only 99.5 km to go ...
Wow . the first post flashed by before I noticed. I'm at 9 km now. Going fast !!!
We loop to pass Bornem a second time. a huge crowd!
(This video was filmed by Steffest on the move with a Nokia 5300 phone)
Food and drinks at Nutricia. I'm at 17 km.
Just past wintam. I'm at 24 km.
A band is playing the blues all night long.

(This video was filmed by Steffest on the move with a Nokia 5300 phone)

I'm in Ruisbroek. 30km.
Coffee time !
I wasn't planning to take a break but I have to listen to my body: Stomach pain, nausea ... I'm going to lower my tempo, so the 2PM schedule is out on the street.
It's not going as well as I hoped and the next part is traditionally the toughest ... We'll see :-)
Damn ... I have to take another break. That's not good. I'm at "Den Duvel" - 39 km. There's a big party here. There's free Duvel for anyone so offcourse there's a big part :-).
I don't remember much of the past 90 minutes but I'm here so I must have been sleepwalking.

(This video was filmed by Steffest on the move with a Nokia 5300 phone)
I'm in Londerzeel. 45 km. There's free Aquarius, coffee and Mars here so it's the perfect spot for a break. Geee ... I'm tired. I'm not in good shape.

The 50 km sign: I'm halfway !
Arrived at Palm: 53km. There's a warm mael here but I can't eat anything right now.
Switch lugage here: It's not going to rain so I'll leave my rainstuff here.
Arrived in Merchtem: 61 km.
I'm dying ... (OK, maybe that's why its called ... hmm)
I'm at Buggenhout: 69km.
All schedules are of the table. Just "Getting there" seems like the best possible goal at the moment.
Passed Opdorp: 73km. The posts follow each other quickly now. good !

The 75km sign!
Arrived at Lippelo: 77,5 km.
There's a lovely sunny sloped meadow here so I think I'll stay here for 10 minutes.
Arrived at Oppuurs: 85.5 km.
At Puurs Petra and the kids arrived with fresh clothing and some great foot-salvation. (Just in time because its getting hot !) I'll probable will make it to the finish, but it's going to cost me. ETA for Branst is 16:30 - 17:00
There's this guy walking on "Klompen": wooden shoes. That's insane !!!!

(This video was filmed by Steffest on the move with a Nokia 5300 phone)
Arrived at sint amands: 90,5 km. only 9.5 to go.
Just past the last post, Branst. 6km. to go ...

3...2...1... km to go ... nearly there!
OK. It was hell but I made it. at 17.48 I crossed the finishline. 100km in 20,5 hours. Now I'm going to sleep for 20,5 hours.
Thanks for all the numerous SMS messages, blog reaction, phone calls and people supporting at the track. Without those I probably wouldn't have made it.
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