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Do you want Flash on your mobile?

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I really don't understand the aversion that some iPhone users have against the prospect of having Flash on their wonderphone.
Why is that?
Why wouldn't you want another development choice for your device?
Yes, there are a lot of crappy uses for Flash, lot's of crappy games, crappy ads, crappy sites ... but nobody is forcing you to watch them, do they?
Nobody is forcing you to even install it, do they?
Arguably there are even more crappy HTML sites, so should you also want to ban HTML from your phone?
Of course not.
So why do some think that opening their Jesusphone to the hordes of Flash developers would degrade it?
Because it would be less exclusive?
Because the ivory tower would get muddled by all those mediocre designers/developers?
hmmm ... it's not like all those iPhone apps are that shiny
And yet ... they do have a point: Last week I was at Brussels Girl Geek dinner #23 where Christoph Rooms was talking about Flash on mobile. "Flash is great for mobile video because you could create video files with embed commercials that would be impossible to skip! Hooray!"
Err .... that must be the worst possible "feature" to underline in such a geek audience :-) Bad points ...
Oh, but in fact, It still can get worse: Adobe is showing of their Flash player for the Nexus One Google phone: nice ...
First a crappy game is shown, that a topbanner flash ad, then a sidebanner flash ad, then an embedded video player.
Err ... WTF? If this is the future of flash then indeed: please get rid of it.
What was Adobe thinking producing a demo video like that?

Nevertheless: Flash for Mobile is coming, even for iPhone (somewhat)
Even after 2 years of little evolution in the Flash mobile area, I still see it as one of the best ways for cross platform development.
Apart from plain HTML/javascript, Flash still is the platform that is closest to the "Write once, run anywhere" paradigm.
Adobe's Open Screen project is very commercial, yes, but it DOES aim to unify a fragmented market, and that's hardly a bad thing.

So: of course you don't "need" flash on any phone but let's make a deal: give me Flash 10 for mobile already, and I'll build you a kick ass demo that shows how great a cross platform app for mobile can be ...

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