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Giant Darth Vader

Giant Darth Vader Hot air baloon: Impressive !

(This video was filmed by Steffest on the move with a Nokia 5300 phone) Geef je reactie (0)

Nick Carter

a picture called nickcarterbooks1.jpg (click to enlarge) Totaal onverwacht een rommelmarktje tegengekomen, en dan kan ik het nooit laten ... en toch weer 5 Nick Carter boekjes "gescoord" zeker.
Nee, ik heb het dan niet over die dweep van Take That, maar over Killmaster N3 van Axe. (Wat eigenlijk al de zoveelste reincarnatie was van Nick Carter)
Ik heb geen idee waarom ik die zo leuk vind, het is pure pulp, nog niet eens van het goede soort ... maar om de 1 of andere reden kan ik ze niet laten liggen. Geen idee hoeveel ik er al heb, maar het moet ergens tussen de 200 en 300 liggen. (en ja ... ik heb ze allemaal gelezen)
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Steffest predictions

OK, I'm going to write down some predictions I'm doing here, with the sole purpose of saying I told you so when they all come true. I'll try to keep track of them to mark them when they expire.

- number one: Dumbledore is not dead. OK, this is a bit of a no-brainer: offcourse he's not dead ... Anybody that thinks otherwise has te reread all the Harry Potter books.
on the same suspect:
- Snape is one of the good guys
- Voldemort turns out to be a blood relative of Harry.

then some Apple stuff:
- in january 2008, a few weeks after thousands of people have bought a first gen iPhone, Steve Jobs announces a new iPhone. it has 3G, 16 gig, MMS and video recording.
Still no 3th party software though ...
- at some point in the future, Steve Jobs anounces an iPhone game that overlays 3D objects on the camera view, tracking camera movements to point and shoot in an interactive camera game. He will call this a breakthrough in mobile gaming, un-be-lievable, amazing, the world first true interactie real-life game. And the world will believe him, marvelling how innovative and game-changing this is.
Offcourse, it will be a clone of the brilliant Agent V game that Nokia did in 2004 with the Nokia 3230, but that will be long forgotten then.

some more ? let me think on that ... Geef je reactie (0)

Opbouw gentse feesten

Een week voordat de Gentse Feesten beginnen is de opbouw ervan al stevig bezig.

En dit is hetzelfde podium 2 weken later: het Pole Pole festival in volle gang. (Niet mijn persoonlijk smaak, maar na genoeg Mojito's spleet dat geen rol, hé)

(This video was filmed by Steffest on the move with a Nokia 5300 phone) Geef je reactie (0)

den draad van de statie

sommige reclame campagnes werken gewoon

Te vinden in het Centraal Station van Antwerpen. vanop het perron (zelfs op niveau -2) is er een blauwe lijn op de grond geplakt die je aanspoort ze te volgen.
Tijdens mijn 10-minuten-wachten-op-de-trein zag ik zeker 20 mensen die deze lijn actief aan het volgen waren. 2 verdiepingen hoger en 60 meter verder komt ie uit bij .. kijk maar.
(This video was filmed by Steffest on the move with a Dopod 838pro pocketPC phone) Geef je reactie (0)

Live mobile videocasting

Holy smoke - this actually works extremely well!
Live mobile videocasting with pocketcaster.

This streams live video from your mobile device over the web - archiving every video feed in the process.
(Offcourse this consumes bucketloads of mobile bandwidth, so only try this if you have a flat_fee mobile dataplan)

At the moment I am

Usually these kind of applications require you to tweak and fiddle with your setup to get some results, but not pocketcaster: install app, register a (free) account and withing 2 minutes you are streaming live video from you mobile to the web ... amazing !!! Geef je reactie (0)

Turning - buıuɹnʇ

haahaa - deze had ik nog niet gezien.
Het hangt een beetje van je browser af (werkt niet op IE bij mij, wel op firefox en safari) Maar echt lollig :-)

Wat ik bedoel? Ditte!

¡ǝʇʇıp ¿1ǝopǝq ʞı ʇɐʍ

(-: bı11o1 ʇɥɔǝ ɹɐɐɯ (ıɹɐɟɐs uǝ xoɟǝɹıɟ do 1ǝʍ 'ظıɯ ظıq ǝı do ʇǝıu ʇʞɹǝʍ) ɟɐ ɹǝsʍoɹq ǝظ uɐʌ ǝظʇǝǝq uǝǝ ʇbuɐɥ ʇǝɥ
.uǝızǝb ʇǝıu bou ʞı pɐɥ ǝzǝp - ɐɐɥɐɐɥʍ Geef je reactie (0)

Hmmm twitter is addictive

OK, I have to admit: this twitter thing is addictive!
I really hope this service survives the hype.
I had great fun follwing the iPhone inline waiters today - they are hilarious!

Update: The ever insightfull Duncan Riley of TechCrunch thinks this is a seed of a revolution: Live event streaming.
And I think he's right - that was what I liked about it so much: it was an unfiltered first-person experience - uncoloured by mainstream media reports or by gushing fanreports on Engadget or Gizmodo. And like Scoble points out: getting the iPhone wasn't really the reason to wait inline - it's all the interesting people you meet there, the athmosphere and the networking that you do there (and ofcourse - it's priceless PR) Geef je reactie (1)

Twitter bubble

a picture called twitter1.jpg (click to enlarge) Appart from looking to twitter as (another) social network thing, this article rephrases my exact thoughts when I twitted around a bit: Who the hell is paying for this and how on earth are they planning to turn this into a profitable service?

For people that don't know Twitter: its a platform to post small messages, that gets forwarded to anyone that chooses to follow you.
This forwarding can be done by IM, RSS, email or .. SMS ... and thats the weird part of it: you can link you mobile number to your twitter account, and then you can use SMS to update your messages, and/or receive the messages of your friends.

So you can type in a messages in a webpage, and all your friends get it as SMS .... for free ...
receiving messages is free (in europe) but sending SMS-messages isn't (anywhere in the world)
At the moment, Twitter is sending out 200.000 SMS messages a day, that's 6 million a month, to mobile networks all over the world, without charging the users anything.
Even the most optimistic estimates point towards a monthly cost of at least 60.000 dollar.

Common sense dictates that something clearly is wrong in this picture: it follows the line of thinking that creating a huge userbase automatically gives value to your company.

Indeed: It looks to me like a bubble that's going to burst.
I hope time will prove me wrong, though :-)

If it survives, it's a brilliant service to keep a group of people posted, for example in projectgroups, or loosly tied organisations.
I'll start some experiments with that ... Geef je reactie (0)


a picture called photosynth.jpg (click to enlarge) Holy Smackarony!

I saw photosynth for the first time about 2 years back, so it isn't exaclty new.
Then, it was a java application.
Now, the clever people at Microsofts labs have put together a new tech-preview.
Whooohooo!! very very sweet !
I think the wired-people put it quite nicely when they call it "Blade runner evoking".
Indeed: that scene when the cop starts zooming in on a holographic photograph and even starts changing the angle of the view ... maybe it's not that impossible IRL after all :-) Geef je reactie (0)


a picture called smugmug-logo.jpg (click to enlarge) Dang ... Smugmug is a pretty sweet image-collection service site ...
A bit pricey but certainly waaaaaay ahead of the pack.
In fact ... they have cooler galleries then my own scripts ... Damn - I hate it when that happens :-) Geef je reactie (0)

Geotagging solutions

Ok, after a weekend trip to Germany, it's foto cataloging-time again.
And it would be cool to attach the geographical location to the pictures, often called Geotagging or Geocoding.
While searching for a good solution its seems almost inevitable nowadays to bump into google ...
Yep .. google earth (in fact nothing to do with the google guys, they just bought out Keyhole) still rules!

The keypart is a neath free utility called panorado flyer.
it integrates into the windows shell and grabs the geo-location form Google earth and/or displays your pictures geographically on Google earth or google maps

it works very fast and offcourse using google earth is a joy!

Another cool free utulity is IExif from opanda. a very complete EXIF viewer, intergrates with Internet Explorer and places you pictures on google maps if they contain a GPS location.

a Final note: Flick is evil ...
When you download images from their site (even your own images) the EXIF information is stripped from the image.
Is this also the case in the paid accounts?
(I won't find out myself because I certainly won't get a paid account)
Why would you spend time and energy tagging your pictures if you can't get that data out of the system again ? Geef je reactie (0)