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Sad Sad Sad

I always try to see the postive side of things, I really do, but I really hate the huffing and puffing "look-at-me-can't-you-see how-great-I-am" twats that will try everything to get some attention without ever delivering something usefull.

OK, I'm talking about this Micheal Robertson guy (yeah yeah:, Lindows, ...) launching an online MS Word-killer ... ajaxwrite (Firefox only !)
Yeah right, come on ...
This is a very very basic online texteditor, there are heaps of better alternatives available. People who know me also know I'm somewhat of an online word-processor developer geek, and I know what I'm talking about: ajaxwrite sucks donkeyballs.
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Software patents supposed to be a good thing?

Ok, The IE7 quircks are fixed, and thank god you can turn that cleartype rendering off, so IE7 beta2 is back on my system.

Great shock: All the flash objects are inactive by default, you have to click on them to make them active! WTF????

Turns out this is due to a software patent by eolas which sued Microsoft for embedding objects directly into the html ...
Jeez, yet another example of the brainless stupidity of the software patent system.
Wasn't that supposed to be a good thing?
It seems that most software patents are used to slow down technical progress.

Luckily, there's a quick fix available, but it still requires me to update about a thousand webpages ...
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Somehow - I got myself an instance of the contaxtuad adware piece of sh*t on my system, rendering my internet explorer useless (long live firefox!)
It took me 2 hours to get rid of the thing, but I still won't install any anti-spyware or anti-virus apps on my pc: in a broad view, these things slow me down much more than a few hours a year ...

Funny thing: I got the malware around the same time i installed the latest beta of IE7.
IE7 didn't last long: it made websites think my screen was about 200 pixels wider than it is, so every site had a vertical scrollbar - very annoying.
Also: I switched my opinion on that Cleartype thing: it sucks: it makes certain paragraphs unreadable by sticking words together and it makes the alignments shift when i make textselections.
Come on Microsoft ... get real!

Dave winer continues to point me in the right directions: He's giving phil jones some link-love. - Great blog

OK, I tried.
I gave it my best shot, but sorry folks ... I still don't think Little Britain is funny. Geef je reactie (0)

Wish I was at Cebit

a picture called 030706ultramobile_rounded.jpg (click to enlarge) Now THIS is something I would gladly Max-out my creditcard for :-)
They will probably be presented at Cebit tomorrow - Hmmm ... Whish I could be there Geef je reactie (0)

Made in Taiwan

a picture called _41208332_glow203.jpg (click to enlarge) Nee, geen ge-photoshopte afbeelding, maar helemaal echt: Een ploeg wetenschappers uit Taiwan heeft een fluoriserend varken in elkaar geknutseld.
Handig ...

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speedy flash

Doing dome research on flash scripting speeds.
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Rockford is back!!

a picture called boulderflash2.gif (click to enlarge) Hmm, this looks familiar!
Yesterdays readings made me experiment with a tile based scrolling engine in flash.
Offcourse - Boulderdash is the best game to recreate :-)
Well, I think i'm quite happy with the results!
i haven't seen many engines around that perform better.

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En nog wat flash

a picture called rickdangerous.gif (click to enlarge) Zo op tijd en stond snuister ik eens rond in de flash-development sites.
Ze hebben weer niet stil gezeten daar :-)

Deze kende ik nog niet: Een remake in flash van mijn (Op 1 na) favorite spel allertijden: Rick Dangerous. Ik heb dit spel zeker een paar duizend keer gespeeld, en de look en feel is echt prima nagemaakt.

OOS!!! Dit is ook een site om te onthouden ...
de "Way to go" is om blijkbaar af te stappen van al die Movieclips en alle tiles te blitten op een offscreen bitmap, zodat je double buffering kunt gebruiken.
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Geen nieuws is slecht nieuws

a picture called news_nl_be.gif (click to enlarge) Hey, Google News is sinds gisteren ook beschikbaar voor belgiŽ.
Fijn dat Google voor de verandering weer positieve punten scoort.

Maar niet volgens de Belgische media, want wat staat er al direct als headline op Google News:
Google Nieuws onder vuur in BelgiŽ

tss... tis toch ook altijd hetzelfde met die media.

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5 keer 24 is 120

Gisteren op de trein de eerste aflevering van seizoen 5 van 24 bekeken.
BIG Mistake!!!
Ik dacht, na 4 seizoenen zal de spanning er wel af zijn, maar niet dus: Het verhaal grijpt je meteen bij de lurven en sleept je mee, zodat je na 50 minuten alleen maar denkt "Waar is die volgende aflevering"
Gelukkig moest ik vandaag weer veel treinen, dus meteen maar aflevering 2,3,4 en 5 gezien en boem ... aflevering 6 is nog niet uitgezonden ...
Eigenlijk zou ik de zelfdiscipline moeten hebben om een seizoen te wachten om ze dan in 1 ruk te kijken.
Tja, zelfdispline en ik gaan niet altijd even goed samen.

Nog wat links:
  • Tictacalbums : superleuke manier om je eigen fotoboek te laten drukken, en best betaalbaar.
    Deze moet ik even onthouden voor volgende kerstmis.

  • Dit is een erg leuke test. (Natuurlijk vond ik hem zo leuk omdat ik een prima score had :-) maar toch: volgens mij een leuke test om de taalgevoeligheid van kinderen te stimuleren, als je hem wat gemakkelijker maakt en vertaalt naar het Nederlands.
    Ook interessant is de manier waarop ze het correcte antwoord controleren: van het antwoord wordt eerst een hash berekend die wordt vergeleken met de hash van het juiste antwoord. Zo kun je nooit het juiste antwoord achterhalen uit de javascript code. Iets wat heel veel online testen dikwijls over het hoofd zien: Als imand geÔnteresseerd is om dergelijke testen te doen, is die iemand hoogswaarschijnlijk ook capabel om de broncode te gaan ontcijferen.
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Some thought on IE7

a picture called ie7.gif (click to enlarge) OK,
everybody seems to feel the need to out their opinion about Internet Explorer 7, so ... here's mine :-)

I installed the latest beta build today.
Instantly, its obvious that IE7 is not compatible with the windowsblind skinning system, probably because it's ported backwards from the Windows Vista graphics engine.
The GUI is completely messed up - but adding IE7 to the windowblinds exclude list is only a few clicks away ...

Ok, now the interface is readable, but eh ... it's still messed up !
Really, the user-interface guys at Microsoft clearly have some more work to do, I can't imagine this interface will make it to the final release:
first of all: the address bar is on top of the screen (even above the file menu) which is plain weird and annoying.
but there's more: you can't move the friggin thing!
The home, refresh, stop, back and forward buttons are scattered to 3 different toolbars, and that's final: you can't move any of those ... man - this is just ... incomprehensible.

But after the first negative impressions, things are getting better: one of the first changes you'll notice is that fonts are looking smoother than ever. Microsoft is calling this "Cleartype" and I love it !
Probably this will be present everywhere in Windows Vista.

Then offcourse the tabbed browsing: I'm glad MS copied the Firefox model quite faitfully: A click on the mouse wheel on a link opens it in a new tab.
Another thing that's copied 1 on 1 from firefox is the print-preview: Pages can now be scaled to fit on 1 page etc ... (thank god)

One thing that MS got absolutely right is the newsfeeds (which are offcourse RSS feeds)
When a page has a rss-feed, an orange button gives you a cleanly formatted view of the feed.
You can subscribe to it so the feeds moves to your "favourites", just like webpages.
It can even downloads binary includes automaticaly: perfect for podcasts.

IE7 is filled with more minor and major improvements, but most of them are "long overdue" and should have included in IE years ago. (for example: the native XMLHTTPRequest object is fine, but as we say it so nicely in Belgium: "vijgen na pasen". The damage with the ActiveX XMLHTTPRequest object of IE6 is allready done and for many years to come, developers still will have to support the ActiveX XMLHTTP method for IE6 compatibility ...)

Verdict: IE7 is a logical step forward in browsing, but long overdue ...
MS is chasing the facts, and one can't help wondering why: It feels like Microsoft is not very interested anymore in browser development. Some analysts even claim MS will abandon IE alltogether in a few years time. Geef je reactie (0)

Samorost 2

a picture called samorost2.gif (click to enlarge) Hey ... I completely missed this: Samorost 2 is out ... Gorgeous as ever.

#09:28 Kemel: nog iets dat ik gemist heb: De Bie blogt zich af Superweblog van De Bie (yep, die van Van Kooten en ...) Geef je reactie (0)